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It was an ok animation, the graphics were not very good as they are just pictures, if you designed them in flash it might have been better. The sound was good and the joke was good. Also, if you could do a bit more animating (like making them walk or lip syncing), that would make it much better.

Overall, ok.

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wicked animation!

Very nice animation. The graphics were really good and so was the animation. The storyline of the flash was really good especially when you shown what could happen in real life if the audio portal was a physical place. The sound was nice and it suited the animation as it plays on the frontpage of Audio portal. A bit longer might have made it better but might have lowered the quality.

Overall, nice animation, can't wait to see more from you!!

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Nice parody!

I like how you used the avatar for this animation, it was quite good good and funny. The 3d map bit was really good and the graphics were quite good. The only problem was the sound, it was quite hard to understand it.

Subtitles may have helped but as you said before it could take up room. Why not just put words on screen without using a black bar so the word appear on the screen and you can change the text colour to suit the background? Also, if the speech was a bit more slow, it might be easier to understand.

Overall, nice animation, get the sound right and it'll be good.

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IZSBHR responds:

OK, thanks (:

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Nice cool game!

This game was fantastic. The idea of the game is simple but was executed professionally. It was of high quality. It had good graphics which were simple but were funny. The sound matched the game and suited it well. The way the bee moved to the buttons was good as it moved perfectly to the buttons.

To improve it, you could add more graphical of a background so it seems as if they are going through the world and eventually to space something like that could be quite cool. Another thing is to add a story line to make the user 'feel the game'. Also, if the user could attack the bees for more bonus point that would be good.

But overall, it was really good.

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Quite good

Nice flash game, the way the tiles move when the mouse goes over them is fantastic! The sound loop kept stoping, and you should get a longer sound loop or make the sound loop longer. You could added more colour to it, so it look more colourful. But overall nice game!


It was an okay flash but you could added more graphics in there to make it look more exciting. More sounds would have been great. One thing I noticed was you could press more than one sound at a time so it becomes a little bit annoying and I know you put in the stop button to stop them but what about making the sound stop immediately as soon as you press another sound. Experiment with it and see what you come up with. Also, put artwork in there so it doesn't look plain. Hope this helps!

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Very nice!

Nice audio dude! The beginning was good with just slow beats. Some bits were a bit too repetitive. If you changed the tempo and made some more varied sounds, it might have been better.

Overall, nice!

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This sends chills up my spine. The sound effects were really freaky, like the chain and dripping sounds. Very nice work, quite dark and scary. This could be used for any horror game and it would be a hit!

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Simple but effective

The begining of the song was quite simple but soothing. It sounded really nice. More tempo changes and volume changes might have helped. Some bits seemed a bit repetitive. This could really turn into something with a few more variations!! :)

Nice work.

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Hi, I am a new flash game maker. I would love any ideas from anyone to make future games. Thanks Abs55

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